NISSAN shows new X-TRAIL

NISSAN shows new X-TRAILMarch 6, 2007 at the International motor show in Geneva, the company Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., showed the new X-TRAIL the next generation.Created on the basis of the resounding success of the first generation X-TRAIL, the new model has improved dynamic qualities, convenience, comfort and quality, as well as better efficiency and environmental cleanliness. The study, which was conducted among owners of the current X-TRAIL, demonstrated that they really like practicality, design, ease of handling and performance.In his speech at the press conference, Nissan, during which was first shown the new X-TRAIL, Carlos Tavares, Executive Vice President of the company, responsible for corporate strategy and product planning, said: `Customers love X-TRAIL for convenience and practicality, good dynamics and off-road ability. When we were developing the new X-TRAIL, we tried to keep this as a basis, but to improve all features of the model`.Despite the fact that the new X-TRAIL has been completely redesigned, we have kept it `chopped` form and manly form, which like its owners. It was clear that the style of the car, the so-called `X-TRAILness` must be maintained. So between the new and previous survived obvious family connection. Major design decisions, such as powerful waist line, the shape of the Windows, switched to a new model. Читать полностью -->

Porsche is preparing a small hatchback

Porsche is preparing a small hatchbackRepresentatives Porsche has repeatedly stated that they do not plan to release a small and relatively affordable hatchback that would compete with powerful versions of the Volkswagen Golf and BMW 1-series. However, in the German press began to discuss the prospects for an early-to-market with this model. And it is possible that these conversations are based not on an empty place. After the sale will be a large 4-door Porsche Panamera, the German company will need to think about further expansion of the model line.Thus, according to German magazine AutoBild, the new little Porsche will be based on the sixth generation Golf. Moreover, Porsche will receive a mandatory four-wheel drive transmission and 6-cylinder engines with a capacity of about 200-280 HPauto.mail.ru09.06.2008. . Читать полностью -->

Jaguar XJ recognized as the best luxury car Rental service

Jaguar XJ recognized as the best luxury car Rental serviceJaguar XJ was the winner of the Auto Express award 2007 in the category `Best luxury car` on the used car market.The victory of the Jaguar XJ, which went on sale in 2003, has provided its exceptional quality, dynamics and wonderful image. Another important factor was the relatively low operating costs, thanks to the lightweight aluminum design Jaguar XJ.Jaguar even more improved XJ, making some visual changes and technological improvements in all versions of cars model year 2008, which were first presented at the Geneva motor show.The redesigned XJ includes a new bumper, revised grille and a new sign Jaguar, which gives the car a unique purposeful look. This impression is complemented by new side vents, already used on the magnificent XK, over a low rise and a sleek rear spoiler. New door mirrors overall integrated signals, and improved wheels make sporting character models 2008 even more expressive.XJ has received many awards since its launch. Amongst these may be mentioned the very prestigious title of `Best luxury car` (Business Car Awards 2007).autonet.ru02.05.2007. . Читать полностью -->

Renault will bring to Geneva sport Laguna and concept

Renault will bring to Geneva sport Laguna and conceptAt the international motor show in Geneva Renault plans to introduce two new sports modification Laguna and a concept car. This is with reference to representatives of Renault told Carscoop website."Charged" Laguna GT will be equipped with a system that allows you to turn all four wheels, the development of which involved experts Renaultsport. What motor will get the fastest Laguna - not yet reported. More information about this new representatives Renault plan to distribute on February 22.Nothing is known about the upcoming Geneva motor show concept car. Some experts do not exclude that it may be a prototype of the next generation model Megane, however, official confirmation of these rumors have not yet been reported.Earlier it was reported that in Geneva, Renault is planning to introduce a production version of the crossover Koleos and "charged" Twingo RS 133-horsepower . Читать полностью -->

Suzuki will participate in the WRC in 2007

Suzuki will participate in the WRC in 2007 Suzuki will participate in the WRC in 2007On the next Geneva motor show the company Suzuki has announced that it will debut in the world rally championship WRC in 2007. Japanese avtoproyzvodytely build a WRC class car-based crossover Suzuki SX4. Suzuki SX4 WRC will be the first in the world rally car, based on the vehicle type.The company Suzuki since 2002, successfully participated in the "youth" the world rally championship JWRC (Junior World Rally Championship ), which are front-wheel drive cars with engines up to 1.6 liters. The rumors of a team participating in the senior class went long. Until the last time, it was still not known what the championship will prefer Japanese avtoproyzvodytely - WRC or created currently Super 2000, which involves less investment from participants.The arrival of Suzuki in the WRC, the sunset which was said before the beginning of the current season, must intensify the struggle in the rally championship. In 2007, for the crown of the world rally will fight four factory teams - Citroen, Ford, Subaru and Suzuki.Lenta.ru01.03.2006. Читать полностью -->

Versace sees Lambo Murcielago LP640 white

Versace sees Lambo Murcielago LP640 whiteAt the Paris motor show Lamborghini introduced a white version of the Murcielago LP640 Versace, the most powerful car in its lineup.Key indicators Murcielago LP640 remained unchanged, the car is equipped with all-wheel drive, a 6.5-liter V12 engine with a capacity of 640 HP and a 6-speed manual transmission.White Murcielago LP640 was created in partnership with Italian fashion house Versace. Also unusual for Lamborghini exterior colors, the car has also become almost completely white. To understand that the car is not simple, and from the Versace by a memorial plaque on the center console with the logos of both companies.About the cost of a designer Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 Versace is not reported, but it is no less than the basic cost of the normal LP640, the price is a staggering $320 000.avto.ru04.10.2006. . . . Читать полностью -->

In September, car sales in Europe fell by 9% Hire

In September, car sales in Europe fell by 9% HireIn September this year, new car sales in the European market fell by 9%, compared with September 2007, according to the rating Agency .D. Power Automotive Forecasting. Hardest-hit automotive market in Ireland, where sales `dipped` by 62%, followed by Spain (-32,2%) and the UK (-21,2%).It is expected that for the year in Europe will be sold about 12.75 million new cars versus 14.8 million vehicles in 2007. Experts predict that this is only the beginning of the crisis, and the decline in sales will continue not only this, but in the next year.carpark.ru08.10.2008. . . Читать полностью -->

Honda started to export to Europe cars made in China

Honda started to export to Europe cars made in ChinaThe first 150 Honda Jazz, made in China, shipped on Board a ship that'll take them to European dealers. First, these cars will appear in dealer showrooms in Germany, then in Italy. The price will remain the same. In the U.S., Chinese Jazz ship will not. In the next five years, Honda plans to deliver in Europe 50 thousand cars made in China. //The New York Times28.06.2005. Читать полностью -->

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