Mazda will rewrite the Guinness Book of records

Mazda will rewrite the Guinness Book of records Gourmets on the part of a sports car, for sure, will be pleased with the appearance of a new Roadster Mazda MX-5. In the form of new products clearly shows the continuity of generations. So, sometimes, like the son in the father, seems to be different, but seemingly not. Just the previous generation of this car it was time to retire, but he had a very worthy successor, retaining all the best from older, but due to the fact that the world is changing, becoming more fashionable and relevant for its time.It is quite logical that the appearance of the new Mazda coincides with the model of the RX-8. The envy of many other sports cars, the MX-5 is very good and funny expression `person`. This machine is absolutely not configured to aggression, and she does everything with a smile that stretched the air intake in the front bumper. Читать полностью -->

Ford has officially announced the preparation of a new Focus RS

Ford has officially announced the preparation of a new Focus RSThe European division of Ford has officially announced plans to release a new generation models Focus RS. In confirmation of his words, the company has published the first image "hothatch".Work to create the most powerful versions of Focus began a few months ago. "Who is Adam" has a picture of the prototype of the "charged" hatchback during the tests. However, only now the sports division of the Ford Team RS officially received the green light for the continuation of the program.The design of the Focus RS will lie renewed Focus ST. Technical characteristics of the car are kept confidential and will be disclosed shortly before the premiere model in 2009. Concept Focus RS the company will present in mid-2008.Recall that earlier it was reported that Ford refuses to release Focus RS because of the stringency of EU carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. Читать полностью -->

Honda began selling cars Acura in China

Honda began selling cars Acura in China Honda started selling cars of its premium Acura brand in China, Reuters reports. Before cars Acura officially sold only in the markets of North America.In China presents the Acura RL sedans, known in Europe as the Honda Legend, and TL is built on the platform of the American version of the Honda Accord. The first Chinese Acura dealership opened in Shenzhen (Shenzhen), and during the year, the country plans to open 10 more outlets. Honda hopes to sell in China three thousand cars Acura annually.Brand Acura was first introduced by Honda in the United States twenty years ago. Last year the Japanese automaker managed to sell in North America, a record number of prestigious cars - 230 thousand pieces.In the first eight months of this year, Honda sold in China 193, 582 own brand of machines. Until the end of the year, the company expects to sell 353 thousand cars, against 257 thousand in the previous Читать полностью -->

Lotus is preparing a 4-seater coupe

Lotus is preparing a 4-seater coupe The new coupe Lotus is meant for four people, is being tested. The novelty will be called Elite or Excel and will occupy a niche between models Elise and Exige. Mid-engined coupe $70 thousand will reportedly be equipped with a 3-liter Toyota V6 engines. The premiere of the car will take place at the Geneva motor show next year. //Edmunds12.07.2005. . Читать полностью -->

Rolls-Royce will make exclusive Phantom

Rolls-Royce will make exclusive Phantom Rolls-Royce has decided to please its customers with the release of a limited batch of Phantom saloon. Only 25 will be made cars in the version of the Silver Ghost, which will be painted in an unusual white Metallic Silver Ghost. In addition to exclusive colouring such Phantom will be different from the rest of the Rolls-Royce special inserts in the cabin, a statuette `Spirit of ecstasy`, made of real silver. And the driver of this car will get a special keychain and pen, which will also be made of silver.Already announced and the price of a Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost - it will increase in comparison with the conventional Phantom `just` $45 . . Читать полностью -->

New Chinese Hafei auto passed the test for safety

New Chinese Hafei auto passed the test for safety Under `security Programs, IRITO` test crash test passed two new Chinese car - Hafei Simbo and Hafei Princip. Both machines have shown excellent results.Crash tests were conducted according to the European rule ?94 UNECE (frontal impact into a deformable barrier with 40% overlapping at the speed of 56.5 km/h). As experts when conducting and evaluating the results of the tests were made by the specialists of the laboratory safety research center for testing and fine-tuning of the vehicles of the Russian Federation (nicent).Analysis of the results of crash tests showed that all the safety systems of the car worked perfectly and both models fully comply with European safety standards.Hafei Princip and Hafei Simbo equipped with frontal airbags, in addition, their design elements are provided, allowing you to protect passengers from injury in case of emergency: special crumple zones, collapsible steering columns, additional protection beams in the doors and so onModel Simbo and Princip will arrive in dealer network IRITO November 2006 at a price of $11990 and from $14890 respectively.autonavigator24.10.2006. . . . Читать полностью -->

Mercedes is preparing a new CLK

Mercedes is preparing a new CLK The specialists of the German company Mercedes-Benz continues its work on a new generation CLK coupe, which will be performed in the same corporate style as cars C-Class.With high probability it can be argued that the official presentation of the new product will take place early next year, with the implementation of the coupe will begin in the summer of 2008. CLK will be different from the C-Class more aggressive in appearance, as well as a rich set of equipment.At the moment we know of three engines, which will be included in the model the number of power units for the coupe: a V-shaped six-cylinder engine capacity of 3.5 liters and output of 272 horsepower, eight-cylinder volume of five liters and capacity of 388 horsepower and eight-cylinder displacement of 6.3 liters and capacity of 503 horsepower. However in the future it is highly likely update this list by models with a capacity of about 170 - 190 horsepower - that cars with these engines usually are in high consumer demand, write today "", with reference to . . . Читать полностью -->

Kia Mohave will be sold in Russia

Kia Mohave will be sold in Russia In July 2009, the Russian market will be the SUV Рњohave from Kia Motors.Kia Mohave was developed specifically for the North American market, in America he is known as Borrego. It was first presented at the motor show in Detroit in January 2008 and in the same year went into serial production. In addition to America until recently to buy Mohave was only in Korea, where the Mohave and release.On the American market Borrego included in the segment of mid-size SUVs, but its European counterpart will be considered in the Old world and in Russia as a full size SUV. A car with three rows of seats can accommodate seven people. He is more Kia Sorento (length Mohave 4880 mm, width - 1915 mm, height - 1811 mm, wheelbase 2895 mm). Kia Mohave is available with two petrol engines: eight volume of 4.6 liters (340 HP), six-cylinder displacement of 3.8 liters (274 HP) and with a three-liter diesel engine (250 HP), which completed a five - or six-speed automatic transmission. Читать полностью -->

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