In Shanghai brought the 10-meter Audi TT

In Shanghai brought the 10-meter Audi TTPlastic sculpture Audi TT moved from Berlin to Shanghai. Coupe, at a scale of 2.5:1, is the simple name of "Car" ("The Automobile"). Length increased auto is 10.2 m, height of 3.25 m, width - 4,5 mApril 22 in Shanghai international auto show opens. It is known that the sculpture will stand on one of the Central streets of the city until 5 may.The sculpture was first presented a year ago and installed in front of the Brandenburg gate in Berlin. The event was dedicated to the presentation of the last generation TT.Рђutonews21.04.2007. . Читать полностью -->

Electric crossover ZAP-X power 644 HP

Electric crossover ZAP-X power 644 HP Last week it became known that the automaker ZAP (Zero Air Pollution, i.e. `the absence of polluting emissions`) and the Lotus Engineering company intend to unite efforts to develop new electric vehicles.And now the company Zap has announced the premiere of the concept of electric ZAP-X, based on the platform of Lotus concept called ARCH (Aluminum Performance Crossover), which was presented at the Geneva motor show in 2006. Premiere of the ZAP-X will be held at the annual exhibition Dealers Association NADA (USA), 3-6 February.The combination of a lightweight aluminum body, excellent manageability and advanced technologies will allow polnoprivodnom the car to pass between charges about 560 km, despite the fact that quick charge takes only 10 minutes.Gasoline V6 engine from the Lotus APX will be replaced by a revolutionary electric motor, developing the capacity of 644 HP with full drive and theoretically capable of accelerating ZAP-X up to 250 km/H. moreover, through the use of technology Lotus ratio between weight and power will be very profitable.As says one of the company executives Zap, APX Lotus is an excellent base for make on its basis to develop the range of electric vehicles, even without spending time to develop a new design. Perhaps the ZAP-X will mark the beginning of a whole family are modern and practical, serial electric vehicles, which will combine the quality of a sports car and the practicality of a SUV.CarClub.ru31.01.2007. . Читать полностью -->

Fisker showed the first image of the open version of the Karma hybrid

Fisker showed the first image of the open version of the Karma hybrid On Monday Henrik Fisker (Henrik Fisker, the founder of the American company, Fisker Coachbuild, famous for exclusive hire, based on mass-produced Mercedes-Benz SL and BMW 6-Series, presented an image of the open version of the first own design Studio - hybrid Karma. Recall that the Karma sedan was first shown in January this year at the motor show in Detroit.Rear-wheel drive convertible Fisker Karma will be equipped with the same hybrid power plant, which is offered for the sedan. The vehicle is driven by an electric motor powered by Li-ion batteries. The battery recharges when using a gasoline motor, thanks to the system of energy recovery during braking or from the usual outlets. Solely on electric Novick will be able to travel more than 80 kilometres. To "hundreds" Karma can be accelerated to 5.8 seconds. Читать полностью -->

A new generation of crossover Nissan Murano appeared in Europe

A new generation of crossover Nissan Murano appeared in Europe The next generation of stylish crossover Nissan Murano appeared in Europe at a price of 46 700 euros.The crossover has received a new body design, ergonomic interior with comfortable Seating and modern options: the door of the Luggage compartment and an additional rear view camera.The power unit Murano develops the power of 256 HP and is paired with an automatic transmission.In Russia, the novelty will appear on sale in early 2009.avto.ru16.09.2008. . . . . . Читать полностью -->

Audi expands the range of A4 - Vehicles

Audi expands the range of A4 - VehiclesAudi will add a line of A4 with two new models: with front-wheel drive FrontTrak and with a six-speed manual transmission.The result of the efforts of engineers became the lowest fuel consumption in its class. Both cars consume about 10 liters of gasoline per 100 km in the urban cycle and 7.8 l / 100 km on the highway.Sedan A4 2,0 T FrontTrak with engine 2.0 TFSI engine and gearbox multitronic CVT costs $31 thousandAudi A4 2,0 T quattro with the same engine 2.0 TFSI and an updated six-speed transmission - $31850.Both models are rich in basic configuration with four-wheel drive, sunroof, leather seats and satellite . . . . Читать полностью -->

The last of the "people's car" discontinued

The last of the To revive the Soviet automotive industry in modern Russia, apparently, failed. And in the near future, most likely, will not succeed.Recently stopped production of the hopes of the Russian automobile industry, cars IZH-2126 "Ode". With this model, linked the idea of creating a "people's car".However, the Russian model, which planned to create a "machine for all" has not justified itself. Attempt to release outdated, but cheap transport failed: model, designed back in the 80s, was sold at a price of $4.5 - 5 thousand, i.e. a third of the price of inexpensive cars, but to recoup the production costs could not.Really, who needs a car, on all technical characteristics strongly lagging behind their counterparts? For example, for almost the same money you can buy a car "Daewoo and highly specialized, which costs about $5-6 thousand, for $6-7 thousand, you can look some models Hindi" or "Kia", not to mention much cheaper cars of a higher class, such as the Ford Focus or Nissan Park".This concept proved to be the most rational for the Russian automotive industry. Now the owners of the plant "IzhAvto" following the example of other manufacturers will focus on the Assembly of foreign cars.That the production of "Odes" and similar models with a body-station wagon - "Storylines" - soon to be discontinued, the newspaper "Vedomosti". Читать полностью -->

The Germans will leave Russia without minicars

The Germans will leave Russia without minicars The traditional confrontation between the two flagships of the German automotive companies BMW and Mercedes-Benz, has been concentrated in the compact car segment. Both companies announced that in August in the global market sales of compact cars, in particular MINI and Smart, has increased, while the demand for mid-size and large cars decreased. First of all we are talking about stagnating markets - the us and Western European. Russia gives priority to large-sized cars, so soon we will not be delivered Smart or Toyota iQ, and promotion of the brand MINI at this stage, most likely, will remain optional.MINI Cooper Smart ForTwo, FIAT 500, Toyota iQКак reports analytical Agency `AUTOSTAT`, in August 2008 BMW managed to increase sales by 2% to 101 673 machines due to the high demand for MINI and shared growth in Asia and Eastern Europe. Thus, sale MINI rose 11% to 16 257 pieces, and sale of BMW remained almost at the same level - 85 315 machines. And in the U.S. Читать полностью -->

Citroen D5 goes on the trail of DS

Citroen D5 goes on the trail of DSCitroen DS, which appeared in 1955, was a unique and charming engineering creation, gained universal love. It seems that the universal love of the former DS spurs the imagination of designers, depicting the future D5, which appears only in 2012.Behind the facade of D5 will be hiding srednenapryazhennyh engine, equipped with all-wheel drive system. This placement of the engine will increase the safety of passengers in the accident. Serves the same purpose body in neo-retro. The novelty will receive adjustable hydropneumatic suspension, great handling, and lights turning behind the steering wheel.In the cabin there is space for five passengers, with the middle seat will be able to move between the front and rear. Electrochromic glass roof becomes transparent or, on the contrary, obscured, on request, for 6 sec. Читать полностью -->

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