Russian cars Toyota will appear in Yaroslavl paints

Russian cars Toyota will appear in Yaroslavl paintsSpecialists of the company Toyota in the near future will audit company "Yaroslavl paint" for possible cooperation in the delivery of paint and varnish production to a new factory Toyota, which is now under construction in the Leningrad region. Moreover, according to experts, the Japanese automaker in the first place, interested in joint Predpriyatiye "Yaroslavl paint with DuPont, organized in January of the current year.Recall that SP DuPont - Russian paints" plans to release in Russia, all types of coatings for plastic parts, interior and exterior metal parts of cars, trucks and buses. In addition, in the near future the company plans to build a modern technical centre for the development of pipeline coatings.Now, the products of Yaroslavl ink, as reported IA "Ladaonline", comes to conveyors of the Volga automobile plant and refinery GAS.Possible partners Toyota and Yaroslavl paints will allow the Japanese automaker to increase the level of localization of production and reduce production costs.The ribbon.ru10.07.2006. . . . Читать полностью -->

Photographers caught" Cadillac Escalade hybrid

Photographers caughtThe paparazzi found in the American state of Nevada prototype SUV Cadillac Escalade hybrid. About accessories model to segment it is hybrid cars says the label on the back which is behind clearly visible, despite the presence of a thick layer of duct tape.Photographers were able to look inside of the car. Marking "Hybrid" perceptible on the tachometer.Hybrid Cadillac Escalade will be equipped, in addition to the usual V8 engine, two electric motors. Unlike traditional SUV, to spend the new fuel will be 25% cheaper.It is expected that the Escalade hybrid will be available this fall.autoizvestia.ru22.06.2007. . . Читать полностью -->

The passengers of the bus were 15 minutes from death

The passengers of the bus were 15 minutes from death In Yekaterinburg in the bus defused an improvised explosive device.As reported by RBC to the police Department of the city, on the eve of the day during the inspection anonymous phone messages by law enforcement officials in one of the minibuses had discovered an improvised explosive device. It consisted of glass bottles of 0.5 liters, filled with liquid mixture, wires, and electronic watches.The call is received, when the taxi was in flight. The policemen managed to find a cell phone number of the driver, then he stopped and landed people. Professionals technicians are defused an explosive device in 15 minutes before the explosion. The device is removed and sent for examination. The question on excitation of criminal case.05.08.2005. Читать полностью -->

Seat declassified `muscular` Ibiza

Seat declassified `muscular` Ibiza New range of Seat Ibiza is on the market only a few months, but has already added to `muscle` the newcomer. Ibiza Cupra is charged version of the standard hatchback IbizР°. Ibiza Cupra can be seen on the bench Seat at the auto show in Paris, where she will be close to Ibiza Ecomotive the second generation.The design of the car is made in the spirit of the concept Waspada. Of the features of the Ibiza Cupra is worth noting the new air intakes and radiator grille, 17 inch alloy wheels, and trapezoidal exhaust pipe.Under the hood Ibiza Cupra is a brand new 1.4 litre engine from Volkswagen. This powertrain is capable of producing on-mountain 180 horsepower. He works in tandem with Semichastny gearbox DSG. Читать полностью -->

Rolls-Royce will develop Phantom with motor

Rolls-Royce will develop Phantom with motor The head of Rolls-Royce Is Pervs (Tom Purves) announced the company's plans to create a version of the Phantom with an electric motor. According to the publication Car, most owners of this car requires only small trips around town, and for these purposes the range of an electric car should be sufficient."We want to create a sophisticated car with a silent engine, which in the cabin you can hear only the sound of the seconds hand," he added Pervs. He also said that the motor high torque and does not pollute the environment. "I can imagine a time when the authorities in some cities prohibit the use of machines, the level of exhaust emissions which exceeds the permissible level, and in these cities we will be able to offer Rolls Royce Phantom only with an electric motor," said he.To develop electric Phantom is planned at the headquarters of Rolls-Royce in Goodwood in cooperation with specialists from BMW, created Mini E electric car, which debuted at the November auto show in Los Angeles. It has a 240-mile cruising range, a top speed of 152 km / h and can accelerate to "hundreds" for eight and a half seconds. That Pervs reported that similar characteristics will be enough for a Golf buggy Phantom.After launching an electric version of the big sedan Rolls-Royce Phantom V12 petrol will remain in the range of the brand's models. Читать полностью -->

NHTSA conducted tests on overturning

NHTSA conducted tests on overturningCrossover Chrysler Pacifica and Ford Freestyle 5-DR model year 2005 received the highest score among SUVs in rollover tests conducted by the National administration for transport safety (NHTSA). These machines only 13-14% chance to tip over. Among the `Threeness` there was a Cadillac Escalade, Nissan Pathfinder, Mazda Tribute and Chevrolet Suburban. The `wobbly` remains polnoprivodnyj Ford Explorer Sport Trac - 2 stars.Among pickups were leading Chevrolet Colorado, GMC Canyon, Dodge Dakota, and among minivan Nissan Quest and Chrysler PT Cruiser (all 4 stars).The most sustainable car was the Mazda Miata and RX8, Ford Mustang and BMW Z4 (5 stars). //NHTSA23.06.2005. . Читать полностью -->

Infiniti called the first Russian dealers

Infiniti called the first Russian dealers The Russian representative office of the company Nissan has entered into the first three of the dealer agreement for the sale and service of cars Infiniti brand in Russia. According to the press service of the company, two dealers will be in Moscow this company Genser and AvtoSpetsCenter", and another one in St. Petersburg (the " company "AutoProtect"). All three companies currently are dealers of Nissan.Currently under construction dealerships Infiniti in Moscow Leningradsky Avenue and at the intersection of MKAD and Novorizhskoe highway. In St. Petersburg representative office of this brand will be located on seaside Avenue.Recall also that in the Russian market of cars Infiniti will appear in the middle of autumn, and the presentation of Infiniti in Russia will be held in late summer in the framework of the Moscow international motor show. Читать полностью -->

Audi will bring to Paris four-wheel drive A4 Allroad

Audi will bring to Paris four-wheel drive A4 AllroadOn the German nГјrburgring photographers-spies was spotted working out a test program for the Audi A4 sedan in four-wheel drive off-road version of the Allroad. That car is designed for harsh operating conditions, said increased ground clearance and strict black expanders wheel arches. Presumably, the A4 Allroad will debut at Paris motor show in October, with sales starting in early 2009. The car will be equipped with the traditional turbo engine 1.8 l (gasoline) and 2.0 l (diesel).It is interesting to note that Audi for the first time offers the Allroad package for the sedan. For example, the A6 Allroad is available only with the station wagon. However, for A4 this version is also provided.autonews.ru20.09.2008. Читать полностью -->

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