Daihatsu prepares premiere

Daihatsu prepares premiere The design of the concept car D-Compact X-Over, which will show to the public for the first time, was developed together with the Italian designers who attempted to pass the car `natural grace` and `harmony`. A distinctive detail of the exterior is solid transparent roof.The second novelty booth Daihatsu Materia, known in Japan as Daihatsu Coo. Sale of urban family runabout Daihatsu Materia will begin early next year.autonet.ru05.09.2006. . . . Читать полностью -->

In Russia started production of the ISUZU trucks

In Russia started production of the ISUZU trucks The company "Severstal-auto" has launched a new project to assemble ISUZU trucks NQR71P with capacity of 5 tons at the production site of the Ulyanovsk automobile plant. Sales of this model in Russia will start from September 1 this year, and its price will range from 868 000 rubles. Just before the end of 2006 Severstal-auto is planning to release 504 car ISUZU, and over the next three years, the total sales volume should be 10 000 pieces.In the first phase of the project - until the end of summer this year - part of the chassis will be sent to specialized companies to install add-body configurations. From 1 September 2006 setting body add-in must be done in Assembly shop in Ulyanovsk. The estimated proportion of the production of the chassis and the finished car will be 50/50.In 2007, Severstal-auto is planning to open its own production of bodies of type `van` and start the installation of the refrigeration equipment in the insulated body of the sandwich panels. In addition, the range of versions of the car will be expanded through specialized bodies of the tow truck with sliding platform, vans with hydraulic systems for lifting boards, onboard platforms with crane and otherIn the future it is also planned to start production of Isuzu NQR71P in the performances `garbage truck` and `truck` for local transportation and ready to supply chassis for production on the basis of their utility and road machinery. Читать полностью -->

First serial Maybach 57 S will be sold under the hammer

First serial Maybach 57 S will be sold under the hammer American lovers of this shop will be able to see and even buy a new Maybach 57 S before the official start of sales in dealer showrooms in the USA. At the auction of sports and classic cars RM Monterey Sports and Classic Car Auction on 19 and 20 August will be offered the first production instance from luxury brands group DC. All proceeds from the sales of luxury cars will go to Fund Boys and Girls Clubs of America (BGCA) for educational purposes. The auction is part of the annual contest elegant cars Concours d'elegance, which will be held in pebble beach, and which will present the most interesting classic cars from around the world.23.06.2005. . . Читать полностью -->

Cars AVTOVAZ - `leaders` market

Cars AVTOVAZ - `leaders` market For 9 months of 2007 Lada cars take first place in the ranking of sales of new passenger cars in the Russian market. Such data results in the analytical Agency `AUTOSTAT`. Unfortunately, not given total sales, but only the first three places.The leader is the cheapest model on the market - Lada 2105/2107 given Lada 2104 external assemblies - 146 601 cars. This is followed by the family Lada Samara - 136 307 cars. And closes the top three family Lada 110 - sold 97 783 car. Latest AVTOVAZ - Priora ranks 14th among the best-selling models.carpark.ru25.10.2007. Читать полностью -->

Artistic delights Nissan's intima

Artistic delights Nissan's intima Presents a concept car Nissan's intima created for `people with special sense of beauty, pleasure stay in exquisitely elegant and comfortable environment, regardless of whether they are alone or in the company of`, say representatives of the Japanese brand.carpark.ru25.10.2007. . . . . . Читать полностью -->

The Swedes like more Focus on bioethanol

The Swedes like more Focus on bioethanolFord started in Sweden sales of the new generation Focus and Focus C-MAX 1.8 version FFV - on biofuels. Version of FFV can ride on bioethanol and gasoline that are concerned with the ecology of the Swedes is becoming a more attractive option. The government strongly encourages the use of such vehicles, lowering taxes and giving discounts. According to Ford, the release of carbon dioxide from such models is reduced by 70 percent compared to conventional gasoline brothers.Bioethanol synthesized from various plants, for example, from sugar cane or sugar beet, or from cereals; use it for a long time, for example, in South America, but in Europe it until recently was not very popular.Ford and other companies have long understood that the Swedes prefer such cars. Since 2001 Ford sells here Focus FFV and now more than 80% of all Swedish Focus fall into this category. General Motors sells in Sweden "eco-friendly" version models Saab and Opel.Both new models can run on bioethanol (which contains 15% gasoline), and gasoline, and a mixture of these fuels in any proportion. Читать полностью -->

In Russia the truck again not to drive

In Russia the truck again not to driveOn the border of Russia and the Baltic countries have once again formed a huge line of trucks (actually, they never disappeared, just queue periodically from just large has become obscenely large). According to yesterday on the border between Russia and Latvia has accumulated about 850 trucks. According to the drivers to go through customs they will need about two days! Serious queues are on the border between Russia and Estonia.auto.mail.ru08.12.2006. . . . Читать полностью -->

Renault will present the new Laguna coupe in 2008

Renault will present the new Laguna coupe in 2008 The French auto group Renault does not stop on the way to update the model range of the brand and gradual change its image. So, next year is anticipated world premiere of the new Laguna coupe, which should surprise fans of the French manufacturer's radical change of the exterior.Retail sales of the new two-door cars should begin in the second half of next year, almost a year after its debut on the market models in Laguna versions with a body a hatchback and station wagon. Their appearance coupe will be very different from the last, it will be traced obvious features of the conceptual version of Fluence, introduced in 2004. Overall length coupe will be 4.7 meters (same dimensions for the hatchback). It is designed to carry four adult passengers. Model Fluence in his time was fitted with a V-shaped six-cylinder power unit volume of 3.5 liters. Читать полностью -->

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