LADA PRIORA has become a leader in the contest `national brand/ brand в„– 1 in Russia` The official website of the OAO " AVTOVAZ, LADA PRIORA received the results of the national vote in the first place in the category `World car`.What is an annual award `national brand/ Brand N 1 Russia`? It is awarded in 1998 the most significant award in the field of building brands on the Russian market, as it is awarded on the basis of the opinions of the customers about the brand on a national scale. The contest is organized by RBC and the Agency `COMCON`. The list of nominations are carefully designed and based on the research of the consumer market. In accordance with the conditions, the products of each category must be present throughout the country, and consumers should have a choice between competing brands.The contest `national brand/ brand в„– 1 in Russia` was organized for the tenth time. The voting was conducted using published in print and online questionnaires, which were transferred to 24 category brands. The list of potential answers didn't come, and the names of the products consumers have entered yourself. Читать полностью -->

Domestic cars no prospects, says S. Ivanov

Domestic cars no prospects, says S. Ivanov Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov said that he did not see advanced models of domestic cars and therefore does not support them. `I would support domestic car, if he was competitive`, " he said on Friday at a meeting with media representatives of the far Eastern Federal district, reports ITAR-TASS.`Our `KAMAZ`, for example, are very competitive, " said Ivanov. `Nothing in the world can't buy for beautiful eyes: no car, no weapons, said the first Vice Premier. - As for cars, I am here, promising samples do not see`.Sergei Ivanov stressed that almost all the industries of our country when dealing with Western partners should follow the path: `your technology in exchange for our markets`.Neopolis09.04.2007. . Читать полностью -->

Ford will premiere his pickup in Switzerland

Ford will premiere his pickup in Switzerland The next generation Ford Ranger debuts at the Geneva motor show. And this premiere promises to be unforgettable. Based on the successful model BT-50, Ranger will become not just a pickup truck, but the epitome of style of life.To the novelty will be equipped with two engines: a 2.5-litre TDCi turbodiesel power 143 horsepower three-liter TDCi turbodiesel capacity of 156 "horses". Both engines produce maximum power already at 1800 rpm. They can work with both five-speed automatic, and with the mechanics.New design Ford Ranger became more aggressive and modern. External changes include a new front lip and fog-lights, increased headlights, door mirrors and wheel arches.Look at the car for the first time at the Geneva motor show, which starts on March Читать полностью -->

Toyota is preparing large-scale changes in its U.S. lineup

Toyota is preparing large-scale changes in its U.S. lineup Toyota is planning many changes in the line-up of vehicles sold in the U.S. market. Among other things, presents new hybrid cars under the Lexus brand.The news Agency `Automotive News` reports some details about the company's plans for Toyota in the U.S. market: the Japanese focus on the production of efficient vehicles and limit the release of powerful and unpopular cars.Major changes in the American line of Toyota associated with hybrids. At the Detroit auto show will premiere a new generation of the bestseller in this class, the Toyota Prius, sales of which will begin in the spring of 2009. Читать полностью -->

Swiss prepare a revolutionary sports

Swiss prepare a revolutionary sportsSports car and sustainability seemingly incompatible concepts. But the Swiss have been able to refute this opinion. One of the most revolutionary producers of "green" cars on the planet, the company GreenGT introduced the concept of LeMans.While the vehicle exists only in draft form, but his plan to collect by 2011. Then you will be able to buy a car, however, lucky owners of LeMans will be a little: the sale will go only 22 copies.Luxury LeMans will be fully electric, and therefore, the exhaust emissions of the vehicle is equal to zero. Acceleration up to a hundred in less than 4 sec., and the maximum speed of the car will be about 273 km/ . Читать полностью -->

GM prepares own cheap car Hire

GM prepares own cheap car HireConcern General Motors was concerned with the development of a new "cheap" cars for the Indian market, which would take a step before model Chevrolet Spark. In India Spark retails for 300 thousand rupees or of 7,350 USD, but as stated in an interview with Automotive News, the Vice-President GM David Reilly (David Reilly), "we need more affordable car than we have now.". . . . . Читать полностью -->

GM and Renault Nissan refused to create Alliance

GM and Renault Nissan refused to create Alliance Negotiations on the establishment of the Alliance between the American Corporation General Motors and Renault Nissan ended inconclusively, Reuters reports. On Wednesday, executives decided to terminate further negotiations failed to reach agreement on financial issues.A proposal to create an Alliance with Renault Nissan made the largest private American company shareholder kirk Kerkorian about three months ago. It was assumed that Renault and Nissan will each receive a 10 percent stake in GM in exchange for investments amerikanski concern.In GM agreed to sell the shares, but the amount of the transaction are not satisfied with Renault. In addition, GM wanted the Franco-Japanese Alliance became the investor of future joint projects. Manual Renault Nissan, in contrast, stated that the Alliance should be beneficial to both parties and agreed to go to such conditions.Termination of negotiations with GM will allow Renault and Nissan to begin to discuss the possibility of Alliance with another American automaker Ford. Earlier, the management of Ford itself has proposed to merge with Renault Nissan, however, the Franco-Japanese company was not able to negotiate because of obligations to Читать полностью -->

Mini-update Chrysler 300C

Mini-update Chrysler 300CThe Chrysler 300C facelift, judging by the photos, is unlikely to be significant. Most of the changes will have on the rear of the car.Change the location of the third brake light is obvious. But other potential modifications are still unable to see due to masking.Updated Chrysler 300C will fall on the conveyor in the second half of the current year.CarClub.ru06.04.2007. . . . Читать полностью -->

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