The company Aston Martin appeared the test centre in Germany

The company Aston Martin appeared the test centre in Germany British automaker Aston Martin has opened on the nГјrburgring (Germany) center for testing.In the new center area of 2,400 square meters is located showroom and work area for test production models and concepts.According to specialists, Aston Martin, test site will allow the company to make their cars more sporty, high-quality and reliable.avto.ru30.09.2008. . . . . . Читать полностью -->

Updated Mazda CX-9 will present at the motor show in new York

Updated Mazda CX-9 will present at the motor show in new York Restyled crossover Mazda CX-9 will be presented at the motor show in new York April 10, 2009. Unlike the CX-7, CX-9 will get changes in the design of the exterior and interior, but the engine will remain the same.In addition, new York will host the American premiere of the updated Mazda CX-7 crossover, first shown at the motor show in Canada and the MazdaSpeed3 model, the analogue of the European Mazda3 MPS.carpark.ru23.03.2009. . . . . Читать полностью -->

America has tightened standards for perevorachivaete cars

America has tightened standards for perevorachivaete cars After a year of discussions, the national authority for road safety USA (NHTSA) decided to tighten safety standards for overturning cars and distribute them for full-size pickups and SUVs. According to the Agency, about 25% of all deaths in traffic accidents occur as a result of turning machines. New standards, if they were introduced a year earlier, could help in 44 deaths and 800 injuries.Under the new rules, the side stand must be able to withstand 2.5 weight of the car, instead of 1.5, as before, and when the deformation of the cabin should be enough space for the average adult. Now the new standards apply to SUVs weighing from 3 to 5 tons (e.g., HUMMER H2). The rules will take effect next 90 days from the date of their publication.NHTSA has been working since 1972, when the U.S. Congress legalized the right of consumers to receive information about the safety of different cars in case of accidents and maintainability after them. Читать полностью -->

SEAT Altea Freetrack, Cupra and Altea XL in Russia

SEAT Altea Freetrack, Cupra and Altea XL in Russia Car sales on the Russian market will begin in September.In Russia arrived first crossover and a compact MPV SEAT and charged hatchback Leon Cupra.SEAT Altea Freetrack, Leon Cupra and Altea XL exhibited at the salon the first official dealer SEAT `Barcelona-auto` in the Automotive Trade Center `Moscow`.Car sales on the Russian market will begin in September.carclub.ru08.08.2007. . . . . . Читать полностью -->

Rolls-Royce celebrates anniversary model, Silver Ghost

Rolls-Royce celebrates anniversary model, Silver Ghost To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the famous model Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost Rolls-Royce decided to release a new modification of the Phantom sedan. It is expected that the novelty will receive a prefix in the name of Silver will be produced in quantity of 25 PCs.Externally to distinguish jubilee machines can be special grey color, and ornament on the hood of the words Spirit of Ecstasy (`Spirit of delight`), and the icon Silver Edition (`Silver edition`). In the rest of the exclusive cars will be completely copy the serial sedans.autonet.ru01.06.2007. . . . Читать полностью -->

New chief designer at Chrysler will become the Creator of Dodge Ram Vehicles

New chief designer at Chrysler will become the Creator of Dodge Ram VehiclesSeptember 1 at Chrysler will be replaced by chief designer. According to, 63-year-old Vice-President of Chrysler design Trevor creed (Trevor M. Creed), been with the company for 23 years, will relinquish his post relatively young Ralph Gilles (Ralph Gilles), which now holds the post of Vice President for design of trucks and cars Jeep brand.During his career at Chrysler retiring creed managed to develop several "milestone" for the company cars - Dodge Viper, Plymouth Prowler, and one of the most popular retro cars of America Chrysler PT Cruiser. He also created a Chrysler Sebring last generation of the car, on the basis of which in Russia has launched production of "gazovskaya" Volga Siber.38-year-old Gilles is a rising star of American automotive design. In the Chrysler he got in 1992 and during this time has had the opportunity to participate in the development of the Chrysler 300C sedan, a modern version of the Dodge Ram pickup truck, which is unimaginable dimensions of the grille, as well as the "set" concept cars presented at the beginning of the year is the Jeep Renegade, Dodge ZЕО and Chrysler ecoVoyager. Ralph Gilles is considered a supporter of the "organic" design, with smooth and soft lines of the Читать полностью -->

Diesel Jaguar XJ is recognized as the most environmentally friendly

Diesel Jaguar XJ is recognized as the most environmentally friendlyFor the second year in a row diesel Jaguar XJ (with engine displacement 2.7 l) wins the title of the most eco-friendly car premium in the UK. Title awarded by the Guide car buyers Association of environmentally friendly transport, 2008 edition (Environmental Transport Association 2008 Car Buyers Guide). The experts noted the contribution of the Jaguar in the development of technologies that reduce CO2 emissions, as well as the widest in its class, the introduction of diesel engines along with use of lightweight aluminum structures for the design of the body.Commission of the Association of environmentally friendly transport was considered more than 1300 models, which are currently represented in the UK market. The cars were judged on characteristics such as engine power, fuel consumption, the amount of emitted exhaust gases and noise. Based on the ratio of these parameters, independent experts chose the most environmentally friendly car in the UK.Updated flagship model line Jaguar repeatedly received awards in the field of environmental protection. He demonstrates outstanding performance fuel economy: full tank enough to overcome distance in 1610 km with an average fuel consumption of 5.3 liters per 100 km While the exhaust of carbon dioxide is only 139 g/kmcarpark.ru23.06.2008. Читать полностью -->

SAAB is celebrating the 60th anniversary

SAAB is celebrating the 60th anniversaryAutogerma SAAB celebrates its 60th anniversary. Other brands don't get a chance to occupy a unique niche in the market.On the market today combat aircraft you can find a funny phenomenon. After decades of talk about `the fifth generation fighter` - the General staff and the terminator in one person (able to gather information, find solutions, to plan and execute combat missions), little democracy can be found on the market the following picture. First, the American F-22, Washington, to anyone but Japan does not sell. Secondly, the American JSF, modified for money of the allies, and now offer them the same, but in tailless configuration. And thirdly, not an airplane, and a Horde quarrelsome European firms, whose super-duper project `Eurofighter` to fly never learned. Читать полностью -->

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