Infiniti FX50: don't be born beautiful

Infiniti FX50: don't be born beautiful Brand Infiniti, who managed to win first the US and then Russia, now reached Europe - sales of Japanese-American cars in the Old World will begin in the third quarter of the current year. Moreover fastidious Europeans Infiniti will offer the best powerful sedan and coupe G37, EX35 compact crossover (in America it's already on sale), as well as the flagship Infiniti FX new generation. In Geneva, incidentally, held its world debut.In the official press materials about the new FX50 carefully highlights the amount of work done by the engineers at Infiniti before the debut of this model. First, it is almost a new body - it has become much harder (1.6 times the twisting and 3.4 bending), but also 90 pounds lighter due to the use of aluminum.Secondly, the developers managed to move the front axle forward by 35 millimeters and extend gauge car 50 mm, achieving great weight on the axles in the ratio of 54:46. Thirdly, the FX50 is equipped with a so-called polnoupravlyaemye chassis, which turns all four wheels (the rear are rotated by small angles).Fourthly, the new Infiniti will have electronic dampers with sports mode, and a system of full drive ATTESA E-TS, which can be transferred to any of the axes to 100 percent of torque. Similar transmission, by the way, used and new Nissan GT-R.Fifthly, FX50 will receive a seven-speed automatic and an upgraded eight-cylinder engine, whose power reaches 390 horsepower and a maximum torque of 500 Nm. Читать полностью -->

Volkswagen Touareg R50. Especially powerful

Volkswagen Touareg R50. Especially powerfulAt the international motor show in Sydney, Volkswagen introduced the `charged` model Touareg R50. The capacity of the new SUV 350 horsepower (at 3 500 rpm) gives him the right to be called one of the most powerful cars in its class in the world. Appeared on sale in November, Volkswagen Touareg R50 will be available to customers at a price of 88 260 Euro (in Germany).Specifications powertrain Volkswagen Touareg R50 make the SUV almost inaccessible to competitors - 850 Nm at low revs (2 000 rpm).carpark.ru15.10.2007. . . Читать полностью -->

The Opel GT Roadster will be produced in America

The Opel GT Roadster will be produced in America Latest sports Roadster Opel GT, the official premiere of which took place recently within an automobile exhibition in Geneva, will appear on the European market only in the spring of 2007. And to produce this new product will be on the American plant of General Motors, on the same pipeline with Saturn Solstice and Saturn Sky.It may be recalled that the Opel GT is a double rear-wheel drive open car, which will be equipped with two-liter turbo engine series Ecotec with 260 horsepower. Compact Roadster can accelerate from zero to hundred kilometers per hour in just six seconds, and its maximum speed of 230 kilometers per hour. To release an Opel GT with other engines while the plan.In addition, it became known, and the prices for the new Roadster. The base car in Europe will cost a little more than 35 thousand US dollars. According to representatives of Opel, this model will be produced in small series, however, the precise production of this car are not reported. Читать полностью -->

Mahindra will build a factory in Russia until the end of this year - the

Mahindra will build a factory in Russia until the end of this year - theIndia's largest SUV manufacturer, the company Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., aims by the end of the current year to build Russia's own production facility. According to the Agency Bloobmerg, creation of production of the Indian company will be engaged when the support is not named until the local partner. Most likely it will be the Gorky automobile plant, which last year declared their interest in the issue of Mahindra cars in Russia. In addition, at the end of 2005, "Gas" was collected pilot batch of cars Mahindra Marshal, who then went on a long-term test.Now, however, the representatives of Mahindra & Mahindra are talking about the Assembly in Russia SUVs another model is Mahindra Scorpio. This more modern car has to compete with cheap Korean SUVs, for example, collected more recently in Russia SsangYong Rexton.It may also be noted that the Russian plant will be for Mahindra & Mahindra first project for the construction of an Assembly plant outside India. It is also known that the Indian automaker will put Russia everything needed to build cars, the equipment, and then engaged in the supply of kits. Читать полностью -->

JV `GM-AVTOVAZ will make 120 special Chevrolet Niva

JV `GM-AVTOVAZ will make 120 special Chevrolet NivaJV `GM-AVTOVAZ` today released a 200-seat Chevrolet Niva. And in honor of this event, the joint venture decided even collect a limited batch of machines version `Jubilee edition`. All will be done 120 such Chevrolet Niva in GLC-conditioned, which will be different from the rest of the cars paint black metallic, called `Midnight` and the presence in the trunk of a sports bag and a congratulatory letter.Recall that the Chevrolet Niva started doing 23 September . . . Читать полностью -->

In 2009, the budget appears Volkswagen Russian Assembly

In 2009, the budget appears Volkswagen Russian Assembly Volkswagen intends to start production of low-end sedan at its Russian plant in Kaluga at the end of 2009. On Friday informed the newspaper "Vedomosti" referring to the words of the Executive President of Volkswagen AG Ulrich Hackenberg. As stated by Hackenberg, we are talking about the "big and easy" car with a sedan, which will be the engines of 1,4 - and 1,6 liters. The cost of this car will be about 10 thousand US dollars.As previously reported, the budget sedan Volkswagen will be built on the platform of the VW Polo. Its main competitors on the Russian market will become Lada Priora, Renault Logan, and Fiat Albea and Kia Spectra in affordable trim. The management of Volkswagen intends to increase the volume of production of this model at its Russian plant to 75 thousand units per year with a maximum capacity of 150 thousand cars.Some experts suggest that "claimed" 10 thousand dollars new VW sedan will have a fairly poor equipment and the share of such machines does not exceed one or two percent of total production.Their "budget" model in Russia intend to produce and other foreign automakers. Читать полностью -->

Appeared in the USA, manufacturer of fuel-efficient cars - the

Appeared in the USA, manufacturer of fuel-efficient cars - theIn the US there is a new automaker V-Vehicle Co. (VVC), which is a year and a half plans to start mass production of cheap models. Car Assembly company intends to organize at the former GM plant in Monroe, which is the poorest state in America - Louisiana. This was reported in the press release VVC.As start-up capital, the state government has allocated the company's $ 67 million, and 15 million provided by the city administration. Founder VVC Frank Varasano said that the company also appealed to the Federal government to provide it with $ 340 million of the 25 billion Fund created in 2007 to Finance the development of automotive technology.What model will produce VVC, nothing yet. It is reported that the main designer of the new company was That Matano that developed the Mazda MX-5 (Miata). Читать полностью -->

9ff is preparing to overtake Bugatti

9ff is preparing to overtake Bugatti The known tuning Studio 9ff, which specializes in Porsche sports cars, on account of two records for public roads, put `pumped` by the cars 911 series.New car called GT9 who will get the 4.2-liter engine capacity of more than 910 HP, should break the record Bugatti Veyron (407 km/h). The company he must accelerate to 409 km/h, however, and this record may overshadow SSC Ultimate Aero TT, which is also preparing to overtake Veyron.Although not yet built any GT9, has already received orders for two cars worth 400,000 euros each.CarClub.ru28.03.2007. . . . . Читать полностью -->

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