1969 Mercedes-Benz C111 (review and photos) - the

1969 Mercedes-Benz C111 (review and photos) - theIn September 1969 at the Frankfurt motor show, Daimler-Benz presented his vision of the car of the future. The project called `S` demonstrated an innovative approach in the design and technology of a sports car. The style of the car rising doors and promised fans of the brand with the three-pointed star worthy successor Mercedes-Benz 300SL `Gullwing`. In the spring of next year, in Geneva, was shown S the second series with more elegant lines low body, encouraging fans of the brand to send in Stuttgart signed cheques with unmarked denominated, in an attempt to get one of these beauties.Alas, their dreams could not come true. The group's plan was not the issue of the sports coupe S. This laboratory, research specimens, which were tested aerodynamic fiberglass body, United with a steel floor structure.There was another revolutionary feature, hidden under the body. Читать полностью -->

Lamborghini decided not to produce the Estoque sedan

Lamborghini decided not to produce the Estoque sedanLamborghini has decided to postpone the start of series production four-door Estoque sedan, the prototype of which was shown last fall at the motor show in Paris. In an interview with the British publication Autocar said the head of the new Department of research and development, brand Maurizio Reggiani. "Market conditions are now favorable for expansion of the model range," said he.As previously reported, serial sedan Lamborghini Estoque was supposed to be launched in 2011. On what term it was decided to shift the release is not specified.Recall that the car is supposed to get all-wheel drive system peregrinatio layout. It was assumed that the car will be equipped with atmospheric distilling.com petrol motor, turbirovanie "eight", a hybrid power plant and even turbocharged diesel engine.Sources of Autocar magazine clarify that Lamborghini is also considering the possibility of failure of the introduction of turbo engine in favor of a naturally-aspirated counterparts. In addition, according to Reggiani, luxury brands may lose the manual transmission and the ability to get robotized transmission with dual-clutch DSG. Читать полностью -->

John Mylonas will help to run the Assembly Fiat Ducato

John Mylonas will help to run the Assembly Fiat DucatoFormer CEO of the JV `GM-AVTOVAZ` John Mylonas for two years corporate pensioner, but the Russian automotive company that does not stop: he was called to work GAZ and AVTOVAZ. He agreed only on the offer of "Severstal-Auto" - to act as a consultant in the organization of production Fiat Ducato well-known Milonas site in Elabuga. This is the most expensive project of the company - Severstal-Auto " intends to spend $130 millionSeverstal-Auto "a few months ago invited consultant on organization of production of light commercial truck Fiat Ducato ex-CEO `GM-AVTOVAZ` John Mylonas, announced on Friday, the General Director of Severstal-Auto" Vadim Shvetsov.According to information `Statements`, it is the most expensive project of the company. A license to produce Ducato she bought a Fiat in the summer, and in 2007, plans to start its production. Annual production of 75 000, a significant part of Severstal-Auto " is going to export. Shvetsov said that the investment in this project will amount to $130 million, of which approximately $70 million company in the near future will take from a syndicate of banks. Читать полностью -->

Dacia Logan is preparing for facelift

Dacia Logan is preparing for faceliftRomanian company Dacia, producing sedans Logan for Eastern and Central Europe, is preparing to launch mass production of an updated version of this machine. Judging by the first pictures of the new items published in Romanian fan-site of the Logan car will get upgraded exterior and the other interior trim.Front updated Logan will be available on a wide grille with wide chrome molding, other headlights and upgraded bumper. And behind the new product can be easily distinguished from its predecessor by the changed lights, trunk lid with integrated spoiler and chrome trim at the bottom.In the salon "face-lifted" Logan will be a new door trim is exactly the same as the hatchback Renault Sandero, as well as a new control unit climate and the center console is more rounded.Will there be any changes in hardware Dacia Logan is not yet known. Not reported will also affect whether the upcoming facelift cars produced at the Moscow plant "Avtoframos".auto.lenta.ru05.05.2008. . . Читать полностью -->

Rolls-Royce is preparing a competitor to the BMW 7

Rolls-Royce is preparing a competitor to the BMW 7 Rolls-Royce is preparing a new compact car. It was mentioned at the international motor show in Shanghai Executive Director Ian Robertson. According to him, the novelty will be a third cheaper than the current Phantom, but more expensive than the flagship BMW 7 series.Rolls-Royce is satisfied with the demand for the Phantom, but he is still less than the target - 1000 copies a year. Therefore, according to J. Robertson, the new model will change everything: "We must redouble our sales".The design innovations already developed the first prototypes will be tested in the near future, said the head of Rolls-Royce. The new model will be produced at the plant in British Crewe.Рђutonews26.04.2007. Читать полностью -->

Lada Kalina cheaper

Lada Kalina cheaper Volzhsky automobile plant prepares the most accessible version of the Lada Kalina, the price of which shall not exceed 250 thousand rubles. According to the newspaper "Volga Car", about this on air of the TV channel "Russia-Samara" said the Director of production of JSC "AVTOVAZ" Vitaly Vilchik.Earlier, Russian media reported that during the development of Lada Kalina was provided three versions: "standard", "standard" and "Lux". Now on the Vase produced only cars in the performance of "Norma", the recommended price of which starts from 254 350 thousand rubles.It is expected that the performance of the "standard" car will get an unpainted bumper and continuous back seat, and loses some options. Earlier it was reported that the production of such a vehicle will only start if the demand for "normal" will be low.lenta.ru22.02.2007. . . Читать полностью -->

In Poland began the production of the Opel Astra sedan

In Poland began the production of the Opel Astra sedan On Friday, the Assembly line of General Motors in the Polish city of Gliwice came first instance of the car Opel Astra with a body "sedan". This machine was specially designed for the markets of Central and Eastern Europe, and its premiere took place in November 2006 at the car show in Istanbul.Compared with the five-door hatchback, the length of the sedan was more than 37 inches and is to 4.62 meters. The wheelbase has also increased to 2.7 meters, which is almost nine inches longer than a standard Opel Astra. The size of the trunk is a little more than 500 litres.The sedan will be available with two petrol and two diesel engines of from 1.3 to 1.8 liters capacity from 90 to 140 horsepower. Information about the dynamic characteristics are not yet known.In Russia, the Opel Astra sedan will be on sale at the end of the current year, and the premiere of this car will take place at the Motorshow "Interauto-2007" in Moscow, which opens on 4 September 2007.auto.lenta.ru25.08.2007. . Читать полностью -->

Toyota doubles the production of popular Camry

Toyota doubles the production of popular CamryToyota Camry in many countries of the world top of the list of sales, so the company has decided to `strike while the iron is hot` - it was decided to reduce production pickups Tundra 2007 model year with the planned 220 thousand cars up to 150 thousand For the vacant production capacity will collect popular Camry sedans.Since October, the plant will be transferred to work in two shifts, which will increase annual production capacity to 200 thousand Toyota Camry.autonet16.09.2006. . . . . . Читать полностью -->

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