Life is good if you have a gold Porsche Boxter

Life is good if you have a gold Porsche Boxter The German company Visualis together with famous jeweler and artist from Stutgard Bernd Haihara (Bernd Hoeger) created a "miracle" in the form of sports Porsche Boxter, hand-painted 22-carat gold. Detail by detail and months have brought to light an exclusive car, which is no more and probably no one has yet seen.In the interior of the car, as well as outside, also abounds in gold: from buttons, levers and steering and ending inserts on the doors and dashboard. This machine not only can reflect the lifestyle of the owner and show its status, but also the brightest way characterizes the thickness of his wallet.Further German jeweler plans to create 9 more of these sports. Who will be their hosts is still unknown. But definitely we can say that any of these Porsche will be the gem of automotive exhibitions and festivals, on which he appears. Company representatives also Visualis assured that the factory warranty, this tuning is not affected.www.autonet.ru08.08.2006.

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